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Founded in 1999, the Big Problems program is a curricular collaboration between the Franke Institute for the Humanities and the College, which has developed and offered over fifty capstone courses in the College.

Co-Directors (since 2010-11)

John D. Kelly

Christian W. MacKauer Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College

Laurens Mets

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology, and the College


Founding Director (1999-2010)

William Wimsatt

Peter B. Ritzma Emeritus Professor, Department of Philosophy, Committees on Evolutionary Biology, Conceptual & Historical Studies of Science, Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine, and the College


Executive Director

Margot Browning

Associate Director, Franke Institute for the Humanities; Lecturer, Humanities Collegiate Division


For more information, please contact Margot Browning, Executive Director, by emailing or calling 773-702-5657.

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