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For faculty, invited staff and guests, each lunchtime event will feature an online conversation between a speaker and a colleague followed by discussion with the audience.


See below for links to specific events. 

All Every Wednesday Conversations take place from 12 pm to 1pm.

Spring Quarter 2020-2021

April 14

Françoise Meltzer in conversation with Richard Neer
on Claude Lanzmann’s autobiography and disparate cultures

April 28

Maria Belodubrovskaya in conversation with Eleonory Gilburd

on Stalin and cinema


May 5

Sarah Newman in conversation with Richard Neer

on species without history


May 12

Joanie Friedman in conversation with Nika Levando 

on community engagement in context

May 19

Tamara Golan in conversation with Justin Steinberg
on artifice and evidence

Winter Quarter 2020-2021

January 27

Thomas Lamarre in conversation with Michael Bourdaghs
sciences and literature in a time of contagion

February 3

Noel Blanco Mourelle in conversation with Lucy Pick

on the art of knowing everything there is to know

February 10

Julie Iromuanya in conversation with Rachel DeWoskin

on literary memorials

February 17

Catriona Macleod in conversation with Olga Solovieva

on queer romantic collage

February 24

Ginger Schultheis in conversation with Daniel Moerner

on counterfactuals


Autumn Quarter 2020-2021

October 7
Berthold Hoeckner in conversation with Anna Schultz

on music and racial trust in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

This conversation draws upon Professor Hoeckner’s most recent publication

entitled Film, Music, Memory. For more information on the book,

please visit The Seminary Co-op.

October 14
Agnes Callard in conversation with Matthias Haase

on academic busyness

October 21
Marc Downie in conversation with Dan Morgan

on (not) drawing humans

November 18

Leora Auslander, Sophia Azeb, Adrienne Brown & Adam Green in conversation

on the More than Diversity campaign 

December 2

Joel Isaac in conversation with Jonathan Levy

on the political foundations of economics

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