Each year the Franke Institute for the Humanities awards a limited number of Faculty Residential Fellowships to members of the University of Chicago faculty who are engaged in interdisciplinary projects. A Franke Faculty Residential Fellowship entitles the fellow to three quarters free of teaching responsibilities (autumn, winter, spring) plus $750 for research expenses connected with the proposal, quiet and isolated office space, and basic administrative support.  Fellows are also encouraged to propose activities (symposia, visiting lectures, etc.) relevant to their research topics for possible funding by the Franke Institute during the year, should they so desire.

The fellow’s principal obligation, above and beyond the research project, is to participate in biweekly (sometimes weekly) Franke Institute brown-bag workshops.  At each workshop, the group discusses a pre-circulated paper by one of the fellows related to the current Franke project.  Faculty are expected to be in residence throughout their fellowship year but are under no obligation to use the Franke facilities beyond participation in the Fellows’ workshops.

With regard to the Faculty Research Leave program, and in conjunction with a regularly scheduled, two-quarter leave granted by your division, the Franke Fellowship provides an additional third quarter of leave time. (In the Humanities Division, it also fulfills the criterion of a ‘prestigious’ fellowship.) Faculty Fellows are relieved of all teaching responsibilities for all three quarters of the award year, and are in residence at the Franke Institute for the full year. Department chairs are encouraged to free Fellows insofar as possible from regular committee and advisory responsibilities for the full year.

Applying for Faculty Residential Fellowships

All tenure-track or tenured members of both the Humanities faculty and the Social Sciences faculty are eligible to apply for Franke Faculty Residential Fellowships. Normally, the Institute appoints six or seven faculty fellows from the Humanities Division and one from the Social Sciences. In the Humanities, we make an effort to balance awards between tenured and junior faculty, giving some priority to the latter; in the Social Sciences, we give strong priority to junior faculty.

Applications should specify, in no more than 1500 words, the intellectual project from which the proposal emerges and the specific goals which are expected to be accomplished during the period of fellowship. The applications should also include a current curriculum vitae, the cover and signature sheet attached to this memo, and two letters of reference: one from an appropriate colleague in the applicant's field (from elsewhere) who is qualified to judge the merits of the project, the second from a Chicago faculty member (normally from the applicant's department) describing both the merits of the project and the applicant's potential and stature in the field. Applicants should confer with their Department Chair before deciding on referees; please note that the names of referees must appear on the cover sheet, and that the Department Chair must sign this sheet as validation of your eligibility for a three-quarter divisional leave during the prospective year of a Franke Fellowship. (Note: All leaves are subject to approval by the Dean and the Provost.)

Complete applications for 2021-2022, including the letters from referees, should reach Richard Neer (cc’ing Harriette Moody and Margot Browning) at the Franke Institute by Friday, 12 February 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Awards are announced by the beginning of each Spring Quarter.

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