Franke Faculty Residential Fellows


Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations 

The History of Early Sunnism 

"I try to identify and describe Sunni Islam as a historical phenomenon."


Associate Professor, Art History  

Abundant Images: Art and the Public Sphere in Early Modern Japan 

"I am working on a book about the circulation of visual information and its relation to art (paintings and prints) in eighteenth-century Japan."

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Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations  

Location Shooting in Chinese Cinema 

"I study the locations and natural resources of 1970s Chinese Cinema."


Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures  

Fragile Fictions in Contemporary France 

"I explore the shifting status of fictionality since the 1990s, analyzing how hybrid modes of writing (autofiction, biofiction, docufiction, exofiction) respond to the anxieties of the contemporary moment."


Assistant Professor, History 

Sovereigns and Subjects: Indians within the British Atlantic Empire 

"I am exploring the politics of Indigenous nations within the early modern British empire and the evolution of British settler colonialism in North America and the Caribbean."

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Associate Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures 

The Plantation Gaze: Slavery and Visual Culture in Colonial Cuba (1727-1886) 

"I am investigating the relationships between the imperatives of slaveholding surveillance and the formation of modern visual culture in colonial Cuba."


Associate Professor, South Asian Languages & Civilizations  

Enlightenment in the Colony: A Global History of the Hindoo College 

"I am working on a book on the decolonial and postcolonial, as a comparison and conversation."


Associate Professor, English Language & Literature 

Who Has Fiction? Modernity, Fictionality, and the Middle Ages 

"Histories of fiction are often told as narratives of disenchantment and epistemic progress, a tendency that this project both explores and critiques as it seeks to tell fictionality's story otherwise, through a capacious account of medieval literary fiction."


Franke Dissertation Completion Residential Fellows


Doctoral Candidate, Music

(Re)sounding Tradition: Iraqi Kurdish Music as a Critique of Colonial Power, 1923-Present

"My research focuses on the role of technology and colonial power in Iraqi Kurdish music since the founding of the Iraqi nation-state in the early twentieth century."


Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature and Theater & Performance Studies

Puppet Theory: The Mechanical Infrastructure of Personhood

"I argue that puppetry, from the marionettes of the modernist avant-garde to 'The Muppets,' is uniquely concerned with the limits of what it takes to qualify as a person."

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Doctoral Candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures

Subjected to Feeling: Slavery and Personhood in Nineteenth-Century Brazil and Cuba

"My project traces a genealogy of affect in the Iberian Atlantic throughout the long nineteenth century, showing not only how colonial and imperial authorities were deeply invested in imagining the inner life of those they enslaved, but also how Africans and people of African descent responded to such an investment."


Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies

The Portable Pop Archive in Experimental Cinema: Technological Transformations of Aural Memory

"I examine how music recording technologies inspired postwar media-makers to use pop music to activate individual and social memory."