Franke Faculty Residential Fellows

Assistant Professor, Comparative Human Development

Becoming Normal: Cochlear Implants. (Re)distribution and Rehabilitation in India

"I investigate how both disability rights frameworks and technological interventions are creating new ideas of disability futures in India and beyond."

Professor, Linguistics

Bilingualism and Communities of Accent: Greek-English Bilinguals in Chicago

"I study the Heritage Greek of Greek-Americans living in the Chicago area as it appears in oral archives and newly collected data."

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Practical Reality

"I am thinking about alienation and the question what it is for inference, knowledge and truth to be practical."

Associate Professor, Germanic Studies

The Act of Life

"I describe aesthetic action in its formal difference from normal action."

Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor, English Language & Literature, Art History, and Visual Arts

Seeing through Madness

"Seeing through Madness explores representations of individual and collective madness across the media."

Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor, English Language & Literature

From Representation to Expression: A Brief Episode in the History of the Novel

"I study the 1950s debate over whether the most important things about human experience would always escape realistic representation."

Herman C. Bernick Family Professor, Classics

Narrative in the Confessions of St. Augustine

"I argue that Augustine combined a concept of truth with a distinctive voice to create narrative consistency in the Confessions."

Professor, Music

The Nature of Musical Thought

"I explore how the unique cognitive capacities of humans make the production and understanding of music possible."


Affiliated Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor, Music

Porous Instruments: Circulation and Exchange in Electronic Sound

"I study the circulation of electronic sound, as it moves between science, military engineering, film, high art, and popular music."


Franke Dissertation Completion Residential Fellows

Doctoral Candidate, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Watching Whiteness Work?: The Racialization of Jewish Women in Iraq and Israel/Palestine

"I show how mid-twentieth-century Iraqi Jewish women were racialized which aided their Iraqi belonging but hindered their Israeli immigration."

Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Languages & Civilizations and Theater & Performance Studies

Performances of Posterity: Theatre, Archives and Cultural Regulation in Modern India

"I analyze the ethics and aesthetics of performance preservation in the modern and contemporary Indian context."

Doctoral Candidate, Music

The Improvised Text: Bodily Regimes of Piano Improvisation in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

"I investigate how improvisation was taught and practiced by nineteenth-century European pianists and pedagogues."

Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature
Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton

"I study how emotional phenomena circumscribe moral thought in early modern British literature."

Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
Sounding Awry: Unusual Voices and the Problem of Speech in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Literature

"I uncover interwoven media histories of errant sounds (whistling, ventriloquism, talking birds) emerging from seventeenth-century Chinese literature."


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