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Franke Faculty Residential Fellows


Professor, Music

The Cabaretesque in Jewish Music: Sounding Modern European History Anew


I seek new ways of understanding the historical narratives of modernism and modernity through the comparative study of cabaret.

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Associate Professor, Art History

The Interconnected Mesoamerican World

I reconstruct a world before borders, where people, art, and ideas moved throughout ancient Mesoamerica and beyond.


Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature

God, Witches, War and Boys I Knew in School

My collection of essays explores violence, magic, religion, and sexuality.

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Associate Professor, Linguistics

Lautjudentum: Jabotinsky’s Language Ideology

I examine how material aspects of spoken language feature in Zionist language revival ideologies, focusing on the linguistic writings of Vladimir Jabotinsky.


Associate Professor, English Language & Literature

In Human Scale: Earth Systems in the Literary Imagination

I explore how nineteenth-century literature helped readers connect the limited scale of human experience to the vast, inhuman scales of biological and geological earth systems. 

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Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages & Literatures 

The Special Effects of Soviet Wonder

I work on theories and technologies of immersivity in Soviet cinema of the 1930s.

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Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Small-Scale Complexity: Central Anatolia in the Early First Millennium BCE

I use the historical and archaeological record of central Anatolia during the Middle Iron Age period to understand the social and political dynamics of these early small states.


Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature

Mystical Poetics: Eroticism, Embodiment, and Song in the Christian Contemplative Tradition

My project reframes mystical poetry as an extension of the affective, embodied, and erotic devotional practices sustained in monastic and semi-monastic communities.

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Franke Dissertation Completion Residential Fellows

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Doctoral Candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures

The Haunted Southern Cone: Sinister Power and Political Terror in the Cultural Imaginary of Dictatorship

I examine how Argentine and Brazilian authors, filmmakers, and artists use characteristics of the horror genre to respond to dictatorship.


Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Languages & Civilizations

Intimate Revolutions: Men and Women in 1960s Bengali Literature

I track how gender norms were being revolutionized and transformed in the Bengali prose and poetry of the times.

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Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages & Civilizations

A History of Style: Literary Criticism in Cold War China

I search the history of Chinese literary criticism for a better understanding of "style.”


Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies

After Ubiquity: Surveillance Media and the Technics of Social Difference

I examine how the concept of ubiquity enables and limits our understanding of the way that surveillance technologies distribute power.

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