Franke Fellows, 2019-20 




Franke Faculty Residential Fellows

Assistant Professor, Classics and the College

Grief and the Hero: The Futility of Longing in the Iliad

"I explore how grief affects action in the Iliad, beginning with the way the poem describes Achilles' grief in terms of insatiable pothê (longing)."

Assistant Professor, Music and the College
The Aesthetics of Speed: Music and the Modern in St. Kitts and Nevis 

"I investigate the accelerating music practices of post-independence youth in the Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis."

Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures and the College
Salvation, Reconsidered: Black Freedom in Early Colonial Spanish America

"I examine the distinct itineraries of critiques of black slavery in the Spanish Empire."

Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature and the College
Theater and the Virtual 

"I explore theatrical activity that is not present or tangible as well as the virtuality of embodied theater."

Assistant Professor, Music and the College

Songs Left Behind: Gender, Migration, and Translation among the Bene Israel

"I explore how Bene Israel women from western India have used song to translate and domesticate the practices and theologies of other communities."

Assistant Professor, Anthropology and the College

After Servitude: Indigenous Critique and the Undoing of Property in Post-Revolutionary Bolivia

"I investigate the unexpected ways that marginalized Bolivians re-configure colonial ruins into sources of ethical claim-making in the present."

Assistant Professor, Political Science and the College
The Democratic Grounds of Justice

"I argue that democracy manifests a specific kind of equal freedom among citizens, and explore what such freedom requires of transnational decision-making institutions."


Affiliated Faculty Fellow

Robert S. Ingersoll Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations and the College
From Postwar to Cold War: Revisiting Japanese Culture from the Age of Three Worlds

"I look at what has traditionally been studied as postwar Japanese culture and explore what happens when it is reframed as Cold War culture."


Franke Dissertation Completion Residential Fellows

Doctoral Candidate, Germanic Studies
The Gift of Metamorphosis: Goethe's Poetic Science of Transformation

"I track how Goethe's natural scientific method of observation known as morphology came to influence the literary form of his poetic works."

Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature
Dragons, Fairies, and Time: Imagining the Past in Medieval Welsh, Persian, and French Narratives

"I explore how concepts of speculative fiction informed imaginative writing about the past in three key medieval literary ecosystems."

Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
From Crisis to Integration: Environment, Society, and Governance of the Eastern Sichuan Highlands, 1723-1864

"I show how marginalized itinerant people in early modern China inspired the state to re-conceptualize space and governance."

Doctoral Candidate, Music
Music and the Genesis of Artificial Life

"I study how music has been used to explain, affirm, and rebuke the relationship between humans and machines since the Enlightenment."

Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies

The Animist Imagination of Cinema

"I look at how contemporary East Asian cinema has mobilized the logic and language of animism to rethink the notion of personhood beyond the human."

Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature
Art War: The Transnational Imaginary of the Spanish Civil War, 1936 to the Present

"I argue that the literary, visual, and material cultures of the Spanish Civil War have profoundly shaped contemporary ideas of civil war as a theater of geopolitical struggle."


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