Franke Faculty Residential Fellows

Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations 

The History of Early Sunnism 

Associate Professor, Art History  

Abundant Images: Art and the Public Sphere in Early Modern Japan 

Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations  

Location Shooting in Chinese Cinema 

Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures  

Fragile Fictions in Contemporary France 

Assistant Professor, History 

Sovereigns and Subjects: Indians within the British Atlantic Empire 

Associate Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures 

The Plantation Gaze: Slavery and Visual Culture in Colonial Cuba (1727-1886) 

Associate Professor, South Asian Languages & Civilizations  

Enlightenment in the Colony: A Global History of the Hindoo College 

Associate Professor, English Language & Literature 

Who Has Fiction? Modernity, Fictionality, and the Middle Ages 


Franke Dissertation Completion Residential Fellows


Doctoral Candidate, Music

(Re)sounding Tradition: Iraqi Kurdish Music as a Critique of Colonial Power, 1923-Present

Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature and Theater & Performance Studies

Puppet Theory: The Mechanical Infrastructure of Personhood

Doctoral Candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures

Subjected to Feeling: Slavery and Sensibility in Brazil and Cuba

Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies

The Portable Pop Archive in Experimental Cinema: Technological Transformations of Aural Memory