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The Every Wednesday Luncheon series connects faculty to the work of their colleagues in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences. On Wednesdays at noon during the academic year, a faculty member gives an informal talk on current research over a catered lunch, followed by group discussion. Faculty of any rank are encouraged to present, but there is a particular emphasis on work by new humanities faculty and visiting professors associated with collaborative projects. The spirit of the Every Wednesday series is transdisciplinary, as scholars from across the Division and the University gather to share ideas and learn from one another.

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Slavic Languages & Literatures


Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Animals in Modern Iraqi Fiction

Music and Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

Composing in the Omnicrisis

English Language & Literature

Arts and Public Life

South Asian Languages & Civilizations

Liquid Swords

Comparative Literature

Literary Re-Worlding in North Africa

English Language & Literature

Oratory and the Novel

English Language & Literature and Cinema & Media Studies / Theater & Performance Studies

Climate Change and Experiential Games

Germanic Studies

Theory of Form


The Making of the Mediterranean

South Asian Languages & Civilizations and Cinema & Media Studies

Cinematic Citation

English Language & Literature

Perishable Things

English Language & Literature

Scripts of Blackness 

Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Community in Early Islamic History

Romance Languages & Literatures and Theater & Performance Studies

Making Tradition

East Asian Languages & Civilizations and the Committee on Social Thought

Civilization(s) and Barbarism(s)

Art History

Popular Art


Romance Languages & Literatures

Pasolini in Yemen

English / Creative Writing

When I Was a Monster

South Asian Languages & Civilizations

Known Unknowns


Linguistic Prejudice

East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Theatrical Prosthetics in Meiji Japan

Divinity School & Art History

Narrative and Comparativism


Special Effects and Soviet Wonder

History, South Asian Languages & Civilizations


English Language & Literature 



Language and AI


Nature and Theory in Plato

LA: History, AB: English Language & Literature 

More than Diversity at the University of Chicago 

Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

The Evolving Heritage Crisis in Afghanistan: Culture, Conflict and Preservation

English Language & Literature
The Novel and Social Criticism: The Case of William Gardner Smith

Cinema & Media Studies

Early Black Filmmaking in Chicago: Lost and Found


BH: Music, AS: Music

Music and Racial Trust in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

AC: Philosophy, MH: Philosophy

Academic Busyness

MD: Cinema & Media Studies, DM: Cinema & Media Studies

On (Not) Drawing Humans 

LA: History, SA: English, AB: English, AG: History
The More than Diversity Campaign

JI: Social Thought, JL: History

The Political Foundations of Economics

TL: Cinema & Media Studies, MB: East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Sciences and Literature in a Time of Contagion

NBM: Romance Languages & Literatures, LP: History

The Art of Knowing Everything There is to Know

JI: English, RD: English

Literary Memorials

CM: Germanic Studies, OS: Comparative Literature

Queer Romantic Collage

FM: Comparative Literature, RN: Art History

Claude Lanzmann’s Autobiography and Disparate Cultures

MB: Cinema & Media Studies, EG: History

Stalin and Cinema

SN: Anthropology, RN: Art History

Species Without History

JF: Civic Leadership, NL: Strategic Initiatives 

Community Engagement in Context

TG: Art History, JS: Romance Languages & Literatures

Artifice and Evidence


History of Science, University of Edinburgh

Putting the ‘Media’ in Remediation

English, Cinema & Media Studies
Vertigo in The Conversation

Divinity School

Winged Stallions and Wicked Mares: Horses in Indian Myth and History

Good and Evil

Germanic Studies

Gendered Language

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Divinity School

Academic Writing as Autobiography: Writing The Donigers of Great Neck: A Mythologized Memoir

Visual Arts

A Proposition, or on the Allure of Photography

Dean of the Divinity School; Social Thought, History, Divinity School, Romance Languages & Literatures, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Math and Monotheism


Understanding Wisdom Through Psychological Science

Classics, Comparative Literature, Social Thought

Postapocalyptic Fiction


Minimalism and the Aesthetics of Black Threat


Riddles, Cryptographic Errors, and Intellectual Humility

Comparative Literature

Yiddish Avant-Gardes

Cinema & Media Studies

What is Screenwriting?

Cinema & Media Studies, Romance Languages & Literatures

The Image and Historical Matter


The Fundamental Operations of Syntax

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