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The Franke Institute for the Humanities’ Faculty Grant Program was launched in 2021. Grants in the range of $5,000 - $30,000 can be made for a limited number of new research and/or public-facing projects. Awards can be dispensed over multiple years (1-3) as appropriate. Basic research and public-facing projects are equally encouraged. At every level the Institute hopes to foster innovative, cross-disciplinary research, teaching and/or public engagement in the humanities. To that end we particularly welcome applications that represent multiple departments as well as applications that involve an individual and/or group in collaboration with outside institutions, including community-based organizations (in the event of collaboration with other research universities we expect partners to provide substantial support as well). Successful proposals in the past have included a project that develops and makes publicly accessible an archive of early Black cinema in collaboration with the Chicago Film Archive; a collaborative project to monitor archaeological sites in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal; and a project on global cosmopolitanism involving multiple universities and research nodes. The Franke has also worked with faculty and the College to include undergraduate research assistants for some projects as desired.

All tenure-track or tenured members of the Humanities faculty are eligible to apply—we emphasize that this includes junior faculty. Budgetary constraints mean that unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every application will be funded but we are happy to work with you to discuss proposals in advance of application.


Please note that freestanding or one-off events (such as conferences) are more appropriately addressed through the Franke’s longstanding program of event funding. The Call for Event Proposals is circulated at the beginning of each quarter; details can also be found here on the Franke website. If you are unsure which rubric is best for your project, please do not hesitate to ask! 

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