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Books from “The Poesia Latina Project” led by Rachel Galvin



The Autumn deadline for applications is 11:59pm on Friday, November 1, 2024. Proposals will be vetted by the Franke’s Governing Board at the end of the Autumn quarter.  


In general, we recommend applying at least one quarter in advance of the project start date, e.g. applying in Winter for a Summer project. 


Applications should include all information that will enable members of the Franke Board to evaluate the intention and reach of your project.  A proposal of about five pages is usually sufficient. Please include a brief account (with a project title) of the primary research question(s) that the project will address and/or modes of community engagement it will foster; a plan with a timeline for how the project will attain its objectives; and a tentative budget including an itemized estimate of costs and of any funds to be contributed from other sources at UChicago or elsewhere.  


The Franke Institute is eager to help in the planning and application process, and happy to look at draft proposals prior to the final application.

Please contact Richard Neer (Director) at, or Margot Browning (Associate Director) at, if you have questions about the preparation of proposals. For information about past and current Franke Faculty Grants, please see the corresponding pages: Past Faculty Grants or Current Franke Faculty Grants.


Please submit your proposal to the Franke Institute’s Call for Proposals for Franke Faculty Grants on the University’s InfoReady platform. To log in to the University’s secure InfoReady portal, please use your CNetID and password.

Please note that the ongoing program of Franke Event Grants continues as usual; the customary Call for Event Proposals will be circulated at the beginning of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. 

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